yay or nay??

05 September 2013

first off, i want to thank you guys for being so sweet and kind! all your wonderful encouragement and support has and is helping this gal A LOT! i am so grateful. how did i get so lucky? so updates on the baby leggings...my fabrics won't get here until next weekend. so i won't be able to get started on them until then. i wish i could, but can't. so i'm patiently waiting for them to come!

but i do have some good news. while i've been impatiently waiting for my fabrics to arrive, i finally FINISHED ((thank goodness!)) my first fabric design. it literally look me two days to get this baby exactly how i wanted it to look...but k, once you see it, you're probably going to wonder what took me two whole day to finish it. i'm telling you...it's. not. that. easy. okay?!? later on i realized, there were shortcuts and easier ways to edit my fabric design. only if i knew earlier...ahem, ahem ((you know i'm talking about you...haha jk))

anyway...take a look at my fabric design and let me know what you think.

yay or nay?

it's veeeery simple. this might not be very cute ((i just copied and pasted from my illustrator)), but it'll look better live (i;m crossing my fingers). i'm planning on doing different colors later on, but let me know what you think. i won't get offended..,well maybe a little. totally kidding.

thanks again for all your support and kind words! i really, really appreciate it! stay tuned for updates and i'm so excited for this all to come together!

oh and here just a few pics of baby anthony. he did something major recently you guys. HE GREW TEETH! not one, but two! we're so proud of him.


  1. I have no idea what how in the world a fabric design works so it looks good to me!! I loooove seeing baby anthony's outfits. Where did you get those moccasins?

    1. I got them from Gap! I LOOOOOVE baby gap and love moccasins, so if I ever spot one, I''ll let you know!