much needed break

14 December 2013



ummm...that probably didn't make any sense. that's because that was baby anthony wanting to say hi. he attacks the keyboard whenever i'm not looking! he's been so good at getting into things. silence really does mean trouble. i always get nervous whenever it gets too quiet. luckily he doesn't know how to open things...yet.

i can't believe how fast he's growing up. he's already 11 months! i can't believe just last year i was still pregnant. my life is completely different with a baby. i can't even imagine my life without him. not going to lie, he does make little things a bit difficult like going to the grocery store for one thing, taking a shower, eating, etc. but whenever he knows we're getting frustrated at him, he gives us his crooked smile or make his "uh-oh" face, and we totally forget why we were frustrated. he knows it works every time.

i've been really christmas orders and getting ready for an event, that i haven't had time to take care of him. my heart breaks when i don't pay attention to him. but I'm going to take a much needed break and take it slow. i'll still be sending out orders but i'm only planning working while he's sleeping. 

who said blogging was easy || baby anthony overload

07 December 2013

i have to say that blogging is a not easy thing to do! as you can tell i am not a good blogger. i always thought that blogging is so easy to do. all you need to do is write down your thoughts and a few pictures and call it a night. BUT after blogging for couple of months, i quickly learned that it is not so easy. seriously i've gained so must respect to all the successful bloggers out there!

you have to really think about what you want to write about. having a scheduled, organized plan of what you would like to write about. that is still the hardest part about blogging for me. i want to write about new and exciting things, then i feel pressured and never want to update my blog. 

also taking pictures take so long to take (especially with a little guy), and then to edit. it takes a while. blogging is no joke, my friends. no one likes to read a blog post with just words. i love to look through the pictures. to tell you the truth, sometimes i don't even read the blog post and just look through the pictures. guilty. 

so i decided, no pressure. no pressure on contemplating on what to write about and trying to make my pictures look professional. i try my best to make my blog look professional. but lets get real. i'm a full-time mama with a crazy baby legging business on the side. there's no time to look professional anymore. hey, if i get mascara on my face i call it looking my best lately.

but i'm sorry about the lack of posts. i just felt too much pressure to make it look all pretty. but i will try my best to make my blog look its best :)

in the mean time, here are some pictures of my new product and baby anthony.

what we wore… || while being MIA

21 November 2013

life has been crazy lately so i was terrible and put blogging off to the side. i feel like i'm slowly catching up. phew! when october hits, i feel like my life starts to get a little hectic. from october-january i have 7 birthday celebrations, holidays, and 2 wedding anniversary celebrations.

i guess after writing it all down it doesn't seem that bad, but now adding a very active 10 month old and a small business on the side, that creates 10 times more stress. BUT those months are my most favorite months of the season. i can't believe next week is thanksgiving. i haven't prepared anything!! do you have any special holiday traditions?