football and wellies

09 September 2013

who loves football season? i don't. i feel like a lot of mommies out there will agree with me on this. my husband LOVES football. he loves it so much, sometimes he forgets we're alive. i'll be there trying to start a conversation in a middle of a play, and literally not one word will pass through his little ears. i get mad at him at least once when he watches football ((am i a terrible wife?)). but he says he's like me when i'm watching the bachelor/bachelorette ((yup, i love that show. not ashamed.)). fine, fair enough. 

even though i don't like husband watching football, i love it at the same time ((weird, i know)). once baby anthony is old enough to kind of understand the game, i think i'll enjoy it a lot more. there's nothing cuter than a father and son bonding over sports. i just smile. LOVE. 

enough of football. ok, can i just say i'm loooooving the cooler weather that we've been getting (( 2 days, hehe)) ! it's just a little reminder fall is coming, and that i'll be able to put baby anthony in beanies and layers! i love dressing him up in layers, so cute. you guys all know i loooove  having him wear beanies. i mean c'mon, i made him wear beanies during the summer...poor guy. but yey to fall! 

well i hope you guys had an awesome weekend. we're heading to provo tonight to celebrate one of our favorite baby girl's ONE year birthday! can't believe how fast time flies. happy birthday millie! we love you so much. i'll post pictures soon. 
we can't leave him for a minute!

my outfit// shirt: target // shoes: hunter

ps: if you're looking for a good deal for hunter boots, click here. i bought mine for $79! unfortunately, they're no longer having that deal, BUT they are selling them for $118 and i found a coupon code that gives you $20 off. $100 for hunters, not too shabby. if you're not looking for wellies then you can use it on any of your purchases that are over $100 + free shipping. 
coupon code: PROMOSB20.

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  1. I love my Hunters. Way to find that deal! You're skilled, lady. We miss the Tomyns!