11 November 2013

you guys...I need a new phone. I've had my iPhone 4 for over 2 years now. so last Saturday was my birthday and for my birthday my husband me a iPhone 5 on KSL (kind of like craigslist). he's been serving for weeks to get me a decent price and phone. 2 days before my birthday, he finally found a phone that he was looking for. we we're so excited to have found such a nice phone for such a decent price.

so the day before my birthday, we went to t-mobile to activate my phone...but to find out...yup this story doesn't have a happy ending. the phone was stolen. the previous owner locked the phone so that no one could use it through his insurance. so the only way we can have it unlocked is to have the original owner unlock the phone. 

luckily the person who sold us the phone left his SIM card in it. also forgot to mention that the person who sold ron the phone was a 16 year old boy. long story short, we reported it to the police and they're working on it right now. please pray that we'll at least get our money back haha. 

so here's some life lessons I have learned: 

  1. Don't buy a phone from a 16 year old
  2. Don't let your husband buy a phone alone
  3. Ask to meet at a t-mobile store as a meeting spot
  4. Love your husband no matter what

this post won't be complete without some pictures of baby anthony. here are some pictures from my brother's phone…i need a phone!!! 

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