we are night owls

24 October 2013

before i graduated, i used to go to bed before 10:30pm. it was awesome. i woke up 6 in the morning and started my busy day. now, i don't get ready for bed until midnight and wake up whenever baby anthony pleases.

i love going out at night, grab a light dinner, then walk around downtown or catch a late night movie. last night we got a call from one of our dear friends from korea, and asked us to join her and her family for dinner. we forgot how much we enjoyed being in korea this summer. by the time we were about to come back to the states, i remember just being so sticky and hot! it was miserable, but now i really miss being there. i would love to visit korea again but during the fall. i heard korea in the fall is breath taking.

another thing i miss about korea is the night life. even though we didn't get to be out too late because of the baby, i remember walking around and loving the vibrant lights that shinned in the dark night. everything in korea is open 24 hours or really late! don't forget about free delivery! even mcdonald's is delivered to your home. korea is definitely somewhere you can enjoy life during the day and night. 

today i'm missing korea.

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