rebekah jiwon moon

28 October 2013

my baby sister turned 16 last week. my baby sister is no longer a baby. i'm getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it. she is seriously one of the most creative, humble, intelligent, athletic, sweetest, and beautiful person i know. i may give her some tough love some time, but hope she knows it's because i love her. i'm not very good at expressing how i feel, but i just want to let my sister know this.

even though you are my baby sister, you have taught me many ways i could be a better person. i love that we can make each other laugh so hard that it's hard to breathe. i know sometimes i don't say the right things to cheer you up when you're not in a good mood, but i really try. we equally share the love for fashion. it's pretty unhealthy. we can shop for days and not get tired. thank you for being such an inspiration and loving me unconditionally. i hope i'm a good example to you and hope you think i'm cool. i love you so much!

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