kung fu baby

31 October 2013

our friends and i get together every year for a Halloween get-together. i love it! i never was a big fan of halloween until now! i loved dressing baby anthony in his kung fu costume. it was so cute! i loved seeing all my friend's babies dressed up! it was adorable. but i was terrible and got distracted by all the yummy desserts and catching up with friends, that i totally forgot to take pictures of everybody! this is not going to happen again, i promise! but luckily we got a picture of baby Anthony's friend, millie. isn't she darling?!?! i died when i saw her in her little red riding hood costume!

baby anthony was feeling his costume. i know he was because he was showing millie his kung fu knife hand chop! i love halloween now! can't wait for next year! what costume did you dress your little ones in?! can't wait to see all the photos on IG!

so here's kung fu baby and little red riding hood.

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