favorite things thursday

03 October 2013

one of our most favorite things are baths. he loves water so much. you guys, i think we have a future olympic swimmer in our hands. i know...i'm one of those moms that think their kids are super gifted. but seriously, once you have your own, you won't argue with me. haha

|| okay...so something way off topic ||
me: ron, i realized something...in korean to type laughing noises, they write down "kkkkkk" (the laugh sounds like "kuh, kuh, kuh"), we write "hahaha", which makes sense to me. but in spanish why do they laugh like "jah, jah, jah"?

ron: (laughing his face off)...sweetie. the "j" makes a "h" sound in spanish. didn't you take spanish??

yes ron, i did take spanish. i'll just say spanish wasn't my favorite subject in school. 

|| back to what this post is really about ||

after his bath, he looked so cute i had to take some photos and take advantage of this light that we won't have much longer due to fall.

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